Our Artists

Explore our talented selection of performers! Choose the frontman (or lady!) that catches your ear, and we’ll take care of organizing the rest of the band. 

Whether you need a soloist (selected artists only)through to a full 6-piece band, we’ve got you covered.

Typical band variations are: 

  • Duo: Acoustic and Vocals
  • 4 Piece: Drums, Bass, Electric/Acoustic & Vocals
  • 5 Piece: The same add either sax, keys, extra vocals or trumpet
  • 6 Piece: The same add sax and keys ither sax, keys, extra vocals or trumpet

We also offer instrumental soloist, sax, violin or piano, this would be perfect for a ceremony and/or canapes. 

Celeste Caught

Duo - 6 piece band

Will Lutton

Solo - 6 piece band

Shaun & Brandie

Duo or Shaun as a soloist

Josh Bobadilla

Solo - 6 piece band

Emma McGuire

Duo - 6 piece band

Brad Villiers

Duo - 6 piece band or MC

Kassy Evans

Duo - 6 piece band

Sean Murphy

Solo - 6 piece band
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